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For more than 25 years I've been a writer, teacher, author, speaker & coach. Ask me what I do and I'll say, "I'm a writer." Ask my friends and they'll say, "He's a mentor." More than anything, I create & collect learning resources from the best people I know and share them to help people create success. That's my purpose, passion & joy.

I don't claim to be The Greatest Networker in the World, and I am the guy that wrote the book, which having sold more than a million copies is one of the highest-ever selling network marketing titles.

TGitNLogo The book is the story of a dissatisfied and disheartened young man on the verge of quitting his business who's life and career are transformed "for the better, forever" by some remarkable Mentor-Coaching with The Greatest Networker in the World.

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In addition to writing other books (and books for others), I've founded, edited & consulted on various industry publications and tour internationally for speaking engagements.

I've just begun an exciting new project with The Greatest Networkers in the World—Twenty-one ordinary people who became millionaires in Network Marketing and the true stories of how they did it.

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My current projects include…

I appreciate you.

John Sig

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John Fogg
3620 Garden Gate Court
North Garden, VA 22959
USA +434-964-9303

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